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Foothill High School Music Program

Marching Band Uniforms


Please review the information below regarding the care and use of your band uniform. Each student will be assigned various pieces of their marching uniform during their fitting. Uniforms should be handled with care and kept in their garment bags hanging on the uniform racks at school. These uniforms are very expensive and difficult to replace. Uniforms used during the parades and field shows are provided by the Band Boosters. If the uniform becomes dirty between cleanings or damaged due to the student’s negligence or carelessness, the student’s account will be charged an additional cleaning or replacement fee. 

Storage Instructions: 

● Garment Bags - Each student’s garment bag has his/her uniform ID number on the top of the bag. The pants and jacket should be on a hanger in the bag. 

● Pants - Pants should be stored properly, with the legs creased and hanging over a sturdy suit hanger. The seams on both the inside and outside of your pants should be in the center of the hanger. The pants should be hung and stored so that no wrinkles appear. Pants should only be worn when marching shoes are worn. The pants will be hemmed to the appropriate length for these shoes. Wearing different shoes can result in the pants dragging, causing fraying and damage to the pant leg. Also, at competitions, you must wear the mandatory Foothill High School Marching Band warm up shorts and t-shirt. 

● Jacket - The jacket should be hung zipped up and hung smoothly over a sturdy hanger. 

● Band T-shirts - The Foothill High School marching band t- shirts are part of the uniform and are to be worn to each event under the jacket and pants. The t-shirts should be cleaned at home after each use. 

● Shorts - Foothill marching band shorts are also part of the uniform and are to be worn to each event under the pants. Shorts should be cleaned after each use.

● Socks - Students are required to furnish their own black dress socks, which will need to be worn every time marching shoes are worn. Please change into your black socks when the marching uniform is worn. You may want to keep a spare pair of socks with your shoes. Socks should not be stored in the garment bags. 

● Shoes - Students must wear their marching shoes each time the uniform is worn. The shoes should have your initials written on the inside of your shoes. Shoes are kept at home and should be cleaned prior to each performance. 

● Shakos (Hats) - When not in use, shakos will be kept inside a cubby marked with your name. 

● Gloves - Each student, with the exception of those in the pit, is assigned one pair of gloves. Gloves are stored in the garment bag pocket. Certain approved instrument sections will be directed to cut off the tips of the gloves.

Concert Dress


Please see the following examples/links of concert dress requirements.  Either of these options can apply to all students. Please plan plenty of time to order and get necessary alterations before performance season - ready to go no later than November 1st! 

Any Tuxedo will work fine as long as it's all black, with a white shirt.

Here is an inexpensive tuxedo option.

This is the standard concert dress.

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