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Foothill High School Music Program

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Starting this year, every family in the Foothill Band Program (Marching Band, Color Guard, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Jazz A and B) is asked to take THREE shifts of Adult Volunteering during our three main events. Orchestra families are asked to take two shifts in the three events. Please remember that funds raised from these three events benefit every section of our music program, and that's why it is important that all families are involved. 

For band families committing to three shifts, two of these shifts MUST be during our largest event, the October 27th Fall Band Review, which earns the most money for our programs. For Orchestra families, we ask that you take at least one shift for Band Review. For the remaining shift, all will have a choice of helping during our January 25th, 2019 Crab Feed or our March 27th, 2019 Winter Percussion Show, which are also important fundraisers for all of our programs! 

We recommend that you pick your shifts before September 9th - after this date, shifts will be assigned randomly, so pick early to choose shifts you will enjoy more, or to work with people you already know. Please note, some shifts are worth two shifts.

*Students will be assigned their own jobs at a later date, so this Adult Volunteer requirement may be filled by adult volunteers only*

To understand the magnitude of our biggest event, the Fall Band Review, you must know that we have:

  •         Three venues (downtown Pleasanton, Amador HS and Foothill HS)
  •         Four different competitions (Parade, Concerts, Drum Major, and Field Show), and
  •         NINETEEN HOURS of non-stop activities running during this event!

We have a well-developed and time-tested program for putting on the Band Review, but to be successful, we need your participation.  There are more than 300 adult volunteer positions to be filled, all well-defined and ready for you to step into.  These positions occur at all different times during the Band Review day, with a few of them on the Friday before and the Sunday after the big day. 

Below please find the links to sign up to volunteer for these events.

Please make note of your shift locations. A reminder of your job description(s) and shift(s) will be sent out days prior to every event.

To fulfill volunteer requirement, you also need:


*Pick early to choose what you prefer to do.  All families who have not chosen THREE total shifts by September 9 will be assigned a shift from those still open, notified, and reminded twice before the big event.  None of these jobs require special skills, if you are willing to do it we will teach you how!


Want to do more? We have adult team leader positions for many facets of these three events.

Check these lists and pick a leading position you might enjoy!



Contact us to let us know which one you prefer. Every leadership position is worth two volunteer shifts.



Please make note of your shift locations. A reminder of your job description(s) and shift(s) will be sent out days prior to every event.


Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have younger children and don’t know how I can volunteer.

Families find it helpful to have 1 parent/guardian/friend handle the needs of younger children (as well as drive any FH Band/Guard students to/from the events) while another parent/guardian/friend volunteers for the 2 shifts.  We love having aunts, uncles and grandparents volunteer, too!  

Q:  What time does Foothill perform?

FHS Marching Band & Color Guard kick off the parade Downtown at 9:00am.  Foothill does not perform in the Concert Competition at AVHS.  FHS Marching Band & Color Guard perform LAST at the field show at Foothill High School (spectators arrive by 9:00pm).

Q:  Does my student volunteer too?

YES!  All music and guard program students will be asked to volunteer on a separate sign-up sheet available 2-3 weeks before the Band Review.  There are volunteer shifts for Non-Marching Band and Marching Band students to take into account performance times. 

Q:  Where do I check-in as a volunteer?

Volunteer check-in for both Parents and Students for Downtown and Amador Valley High School is in front of the Q building at AVHS.  Volunteer check-in for Foothill High School is in front of the band room. 

Have questions about volunteering or problems signing up?   Contact Celeste Lopez at

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